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wordpress vs wix

Wix vs WordPress. The best website builder

wix vs wordpress


In this blog, we will tell about which is the best website builder for you.  Even A basic site requires money, time and the SEO techniques to run it. That’s where Wix vs WordPress comes into play. When we talk about website builder we think of WordPress, right? That’s because WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no other website builder than WordPress. We are comparing all the significant features of Wix and WordPress. With this detailed review of both Wix vs WordPress, you will be in a better position to decide which is the right website builder for you.

After reading this article you will be less confused between WordPress vs Wix? Though WordPress is more common among users, Wix is another popular website builder. Which is best for your next project? Let’s compare Wix vs WordPress – two very different tools which share one common goal that is to enable its users to the use-able website. We’ll compare the two with respect to the following heads.


  • pricing
  • Blogging
  • User-friendly
  • E-commerce
  • Extent of Customization

Now let’s get started.



The range of pricing options varies between these two. Here is a break down of what building a website with WordPress vs Wix will cost you…


Wix is a freemium website builder. Which means that it offers both free and premium packages for its users who build a website on their platform. Wix can be used entirely for free, but with some limitations, Let’s take a quick look at the packages wix will cost you.


  • The free subdomain that Wix offers for your website is always followed by this template:your-username.wix.com/sitename/page-url. This is considered a drawback of wix. Another con is the use of Wix’s logo somewhere on your page.
  • The prices of the plans mentioned may increase with time.



It’s pretty much known that WordPress is a completely free source. But there are several things that need to be added for example products, services, and tools. Other than that there are thousands of free and premium options. potential cost options may include…

  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Images/Videos
  • On-Going Maintenance


WordPress offers you to buy a domain name and web hosting to install. There are different plans on WordPress starting from basic which costs as low as $2.75/month. You can change your plans according to your budget. Every plan offers its own significant features with a variety of domain names and hosting sites options. The prices vary but I have to say that each penny you invest in WordPress is worth it! Though the costs increase with time they keep on improving and upgrading their hosting plans too.



When it comes to blogging, its safe to say that WordPress is the #1 blogging tool in the world. It has been the favorite tool for bloggers since the beginning of blogging.

The main blogging tools are designed in such a way that every blog-building essential option is right at your fingertips: add a post, upload media items, or adjust your blog’s appearance.


Wix offers the blogging experience a bit differently. Though Wix tries to make starting a blog an easy and quick process, it also lacks on the HTML/CSS customization.

With Wix, everything is in one place, which makes it a lot easier.

After you sign up, Wix is going to ask you about the type of your website.

They take away all the technical issues of building a site to deliver a great, “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” blog-building experience. This all starts with a theme, of which there are tons of blog-specific designs.

With all the provided blog template options you can pull together a blog instantly. It can be about travel, food, fashion or whatever you can think of. Huge thumbs-up for wix for making the blogging experience so much easier and fun at the same time. However, its lacking abilities make WordPress the best blogging tool across the world of bloggers.

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Both Wix and WordPress allows its users to create a website without having to code it! But then which is easier to use? Let’s find out.


Discussing the ease of use for both WordPress and Wix. Wix wins the race. That is because its very easy to get started on wix. Once you’ve signed up you will be asked about the kind of website you’re trying to build, after that you will be sent right away to the collection of templates according to your chosen type.

After making your choice you can further operate using Wix’s colorful drag-and-drop editor. You can create new pages using a drop-down menu without leaving the editor, and switch between them in a matter of seconds.


The use of WordPress is amiable but a little tricky too. WordPress bothers its users to spend a lot of time learning the process. The user needs to learn to install plugins and other extensions in order to start operating properly. Although there are many articles and guides available on the internet for this purpose, of course, it’s very time-consuming.

Getting to know WordPress’ ins and outs can take a while. So our vote goes to wix (which has you up and running in no time at all) for being more user-friendly than WordPress.



When talking about online store building, Wix stands superior for the technically inexperienced store owners.it offers a quick setup for beginners, and there are more eCommerce functionalities offered on the Wix platform as compared to WordPress.

However, there are several cons too. Wix offers the e-commerce option only to its paid users. Which means the e-commerce option is only available in its paid plans. ultimately, it hinders its free users from using the availability of e-commerce without upgrading their terms. However, Wix takes a whopping 0% commission on each transaction your online store makes. Which is a huge attraction for its users.


I have seen more people considering WordPress when it comes to e-commerce.

Here’s why:

  • The hosting options are more easy on your pocket and in favor for your business.
  • Most WordPress hosts make integrating PayPal super easy
  • Your host will probably throw in some free marketing credits for your brand’s launch
  • You often get a free domain name, which looks more professional than mystore.wix.com



Though you can start working with Wix for free, it’s not an open source platform and it doesn’t give you complete access to your demands. In fact, you can only use Wix in the way its authors want it to be operated.

Wix has control of your website and in some extreme cases can get it offline if they feel that the website violates their terms of service in any way.

With Wix, the user is not able to install new features or third-party themes on your own – something that’s possible in WordPress. Basically, if something is not found in the Wix user panel, it can’t be done entirely.


WordPress is more flexible than Wix.

WordPress is an open source platform. So, being an open source means that anyone can build a plugin or a theme that will extend the platform’s native functionality. Many people do that.

For example, the official directory of plugins at WordPress.org lists more than 51,000 plugins at the time of writing. WordPress is also the most popular tool on this list – with nearly 30% of all websites using WordPress – which is perhaps the main evidence of its versatility.

Final Conclusion

In the fight of WordPress vs Wix, we decided to go with WordPress!

It’s relatively easy to handle. Managing your website is more than easy. It is incredibly well-designed when it comes to its user panel and the way it handles creating, tweaking, and publishing content. After all, WordPress was created specifically for blogging – no wonder it’s good at taking care of the content.



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