Wix vs Weebly – Differences You Should Know 2019

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Wix vs Weebly

Wix vs Weebly Differences 2019

Though we have written a detailed blog about WordPress, Unfortunately, the list of website builder tools does not end there. We were more in favor of WordPress but now we have come across of battle between Wix vs Weebly. Weebly and Wix are two of the biggest website builder services in the world.

We personally think that the best tool from Weebly vs Wix is the one that offers more feature and advantages to its user. However, In this blog let us find out which is the best website builder tool for you in 2019.


While starting your journey to build a new website, the first point that triggers our mind is the cost of building it. So who wins in the value of money? Wix or Weebly


Wix offers five paid-for plans in total, not including the free version. The most basic is the Connect Domain plan. It’s $4.08 a month and displays Wix brand ads on it. The range starts from $4.50 per month to $25.50/month for the complete ‘VIP’ plan. With more extensive features and tools the cost increases.  Prices can vary anywhere from $7-30 a month.


In this article about Weebly vs Wix, Weebly offers four budget pricing plans for its customers to choose from. It also offers five paid for plans and a free version. However, these range in price from $4 per month for the ‘Connect’ package to a whopping $38 per month for the ‘Performance’ package, which is designed for online stores.  They value commitment!

Wix vs Weebly


Talking about either Wix vs Weebly, both offer a wide variety of features that are designed to attract small and large business owners, freelancers, artists, musicians, and photographers etc.


  • Wix offers over 500 template option
Blogging ✔
Portfolio sites ✔
Business sites ✔
E-commerce sites ✔
Paid plan (monthly)                                                    Starts from $5
Features 4 stars
Design Flexibility 4 stars
Value for Money 4 stars
Help and Support 5 stars
Customer Score 5 stars
Ease of Use 4 stars


  • Weebly offers only 50 templates.
Blogging ✔
Portfolio sites ✔
Business sites ✔
E-commerce sites ✔
Paid plan (monthly) starts from $8
Features 5 stars
Design Flexibility 5 stars
Value for Money 3 stars
Help and Support 4 stars
Customer Score 4 stars
Ease of Use

Ease Of Use

Website builders exist for their ease of use. Now, We’re going to look at how easily you can create a beautiful looking website with Wix and Weebly next.


Wix offers a variety of options for users to choose from. Therefore, It doesn’t matter if you need a website for your blog, photography, online storefront, business or portfolio, you’ve got options.

You’re also given the opportunity to upgrade to a premium account.

Although, Wix offers easy drag and drop editor which doesn’t require coding or limit creativity. It also free and reliable hosting, an expansive app market, and a custom domain name.

It’s mobile-friendly and even gives users the option to create one-page websites whenever needed.

Wix also provides real examples of customers’ HTML5 websites to refer to for inspiration.


Weebly doesn’t require special tools or knowledge of coding to set up a website. Therefore, Its minimalistic requirements make it appealing.

Choose a template and use the website builder to customize details to your liking.

Templates fall into the following categories:

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Group/Organization
  • Education
  • Wedding
  • Portfolio
  • Other

The user is also able to add photos, and other graphics to the website, making it more attractive for the viewers.

The Android-enabled applications and iOS of Weebly enable you to build, edit, and even manage your website through your mobile phone.

It provides free apps that are currently available on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

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Having a great website is not enough. However, You need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help customers and fans find you quickly.


From Weebly vs Wix, Wix enables its users to use phrases and specific keywords through its SEO wizard.

This helps to attract more traffic to your page and making your page rank top.

The site analytic feature of Wix determines where the customers and fans are coming from and how well you rank when compared to the competition.

Moreover, Users of the website have complete access to articles and tutorials that teach them the ends and outs of Search Engine Optimization.


Weebly offers Some of the most outstanding SEO features.  One of them is the sitemap feature. It literally allows you to be more visible in search engine results, automated pinging when new content is created, spot-on HTML formatting, meta descriptions that are thought out and detailed, alt tags on all images, and page specific details.

Customer Support System

Are you lost in a sea of questions and cannot figure out the solution? Wix and Weebly provide such features that can help you ease your journey. When it comes to needing answers fast because a supportive customer service team isn’t just appreciated, it’s a necessity.


The most frequently asked question on Wix are organized by the Wix support center. The questions are placed under subheads of topic and subtopics.

Wix vs Weebly

The top questions can be found at the bottom of the page with user forums and an individual has the freedom to share their knowledge with other users if they know anything new about it.

It also has Training Videos. Moreover, there are several different features offered with free and paid subscriptions.


On Weebly, the Help Center provides articles on a variety of topics. they are written to help users help themselves without requesting formal customer support.

They also offer a request form that the users fill out if they can’t find a solution to their problem.

Wix vs Weebly

So consequently, Weebly also gives an opportunity to its users to attend training sessions that help them run their website more efficiently.

Our Verdict

Wix vs Weebly both offers solid options for anyone building a website. However, ultimately, both Weebly and Wix are high-quality, reliable website builders.

Winner: Wix

Wix isn’t the only drag-and-drop website builder, of course. But it’s the best in the world today.


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