30 Outstanding Useful Websites You May Need Someday

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30 outstanding websites

Useful Websites You May Need Someday

World of the internet is full of websites. There are some which are defiantly useful websites and some of them are just a waste of time.

Some of the websites are very popular and some of them are not popular but they do their job very well. In this article let me introduce you some of the exceptional websites which will increase your efficiency.

These useful websites really help you to solve your problems, to do fun, entertainment and also easy to use.

1) Animoto

photo editor


Animoto is a tool which converts your photos into videos with professional effects within minutes with your own music.

2) Archive.is

useful websites

Archive.is is a tool which captures a snapshot of the webpage and it will be there for future as well if the original page is no more exists.

3) Carrd

useful websites

Carrd.co is the free website platform which helps to build fully responsive one-page website easily.

4) Clyp

audio share

Clyp is the website which provides you with the easiest way to record your own voice, upload it and share this audio with anyone. And the main point is that “No account required”.

5) YouConvertIt

convert file

YouConvertIt is the website which basically provides the feature to upload any format media file and change it into another format media.

The key points are:

  • 100% free
  • No need to Install any kind of software.

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6) Diffchecker

diff checker in text

DiffChecker is the online tool which compares the text and finds the difference in text.

7) FitDay

useful websites

FitDay is the journal website which really helps you to start the diet, track your daily food intake, weight loss, exercise and fitness.

8) FlightStats

flight status

Flightstats is the website which helps you to track flights status all over worldwide.

9) Fuelly

track fuel expense

Fuelly is the website which actually helps to track your vehicle gas mileage with time and calculate your fuel average and fuel expenses.

10) Grammarly

check grammer

Grammarly is the web app which is free and its main purpose is to make your messages, documents error free.


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11) Hostel Bookers

cheap hotel book

hostelbookers is the website which helps you to find inexpensive and cheap hotels, hostels all over the world.“No booking fee”.

12) Hype Machine

new music

Hype machine is the website where people are discussing new music and you can listen to new music.

13) Instructables


Instructables is the website which included easy steps to follow and make anything new.

It is a platform for those peoples who want to explore the creations of others and share their creation with others.

14) join.me

Join.me is the platform which provides a free desktop screen sharing with anybody on the internet, online meetings. It has many features and one of them is record audio for the meeting.

15) Pixton

Pixton is the website which helps to create comics with your own characters.

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16) Lucid Chart

Lucidchart is the website which helps to solve your diagram, flowcharts problems. This website converts your data into flowcharts or diagram whatever you want in very easy steps.

No Need to install any Software. You can share these diagrams with your colleagues on  any platform

17) Miniclip

Miniclip is the website in which you can play any type of game online and free. Like the puzzle, action, sports and many more…

18) Mint

Mint is the online tool which helps manage finance at single place. It helps to plan your budget, track your spending, track your bills. It is a full financial package.

19) Minutes.io

Minutes.io is a web tool app which helps you to take notes easily and fast in the meeting

20) PicMonkey

PicMonkey is an online photo editor tool, which helps you to edit your photos. It has multiple photo effects and features that you can apply to your photo to make it look different and can upload to different social sites like Facebook covers Instagram photo and Pinterest.

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21) Namechk

Namechk is the website which helps you to find the available domain name, username and social networks all over the internet.

22) Paper Toys

Papertoys is the websites which provide you with thousands of paper models that you can print and fold your self to make it toys.

23) PDF Escape

PDFescape is the free online tools which help to edit pdf online. Also, they have pdf editor free download for windows.

It can also merge pdf, fill pdf. 

24) Snopes

Snopes is the website which finds out that offer or deal you received via email is real or just a scam.

25) Spot a home

Spotahome is the website which helps to find out apartments and rooms for rent. People upload a virtual video tour of the apartment or maybe pictures of the room.

Presently, The site is covering 30+ cities in Europe. This is the best match for students and tourists in Europe.

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26) SugarStats

Sugarstats is a website which keeps track and handles sugar intake for diabetes patients.

27) Techmeme

Techmeme is the website which has the latest technology news.

28) Trello

useful websites

Trello is the platform which helps you keep track easily of all your activities. This is one of the best tracking tools for the project.

29) Unsplash

Unsplash is one of the best platforms to download royalty free high definition images

 30) WeTransfer

WeTransfer is the platform by using which we can transfer our files in the whole internet world free of cost.

These are the collection of useful websites. If you think you have any other suggestion of useful websites please comment below to share with us.


  1. These are the best websites collection I have ever seen till yet.
    Great job Digghow
    Please write about some fun websites also.I am waiting for you

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