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Must have iPhone Apps

Well if you are talking about iPhone apps then there are more then million apps on apple store for iPhone and iPad.With keeping this millions apps in mind how you can find the apps which are best and can be consider must have iPhone apps.You can fill your iPhone with lot of nice apps.

If you are concerned about that what is “must have”. Then don’t worry I will explain in a short. There are many must have apps you have already downloaded due to their features.One more thing i will tell you here that we will not discuss about apps which are really known or can say vital like Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail etc. Might be you have installed them already or you have decided not to use these apps.

In today post we will only discuss about that must have iPhone apps which cover most of the categorizes.

1) Fooducate

must have iphone apps

Fooducate A meal tracker app in which you can track your food intake and exercise.You can track your quality of calories also.

2) Zillow

must have iphone apps

Zillow is nice app which help you to find every property and real estate in your concerned area.It also have rent and sale search option for property which you are searching. Zillow give you the information of perosn who have posted this property. Easy to use app.

3) Dashlane

must have iphone apps

If you are the person who like to buy things online. Dashlane is one of must have apps for you. This app saves payment and confirmation information which can be used for future use. Dashlane help you to find out how much you have spent and also keep your receipts also. Dashlane is free app, but if you use online shopping a lot then you can consider its premium option.

4) Buffer

must have iphone apps

Buffer is also one of the must have iphones apps which should be in your iPhone.You can schedule Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus posts based on when they’ll be most effective. Like you ant to tweet when you feel your followers are available? Buffer do this job for you on suitable time. You can also analytics of post.

5) Google Maps

must have iphone apps

Google Map is the app which help you to find directions and places.It also saved your locations and guide you which route is better on that time.Also tell you about traffic ,Road Block,Road on work and many more.

You can share your locations with other peoples to tell them your experience of that place.

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6) Sleep Cycle

must have iphone apps

Sleep Cycle is just like the alarm clock. But the main point is that in this app you don’t tell app when to wake you up. Instead you select a time frame (between 8:00am and 9:00am) and place the phone on your bed and go to sleep. Sleep Cycle measures your sleep cycle, examining how well you rested and when you hit REM sleep. when you are ready to wake up app will trigger the Alarm.

7) Duolingo

must have iphone apps

Duolingo is a free language learning platform.It have digital language proficiency assessment exam. Duolingo is providing you 81 different language courses in 37 languages.

8) MyFitnessPal

must have iphone apps

MyFitnessPal is fitness can set realistic goals for your fitness plan. This app allows you to keep track of all your meals, counting calories based on what you input and calories burned through exercise. you can apps.

9) Shazam

must have iphone apps

Shazam is the one of the must have apps which listens to the music and tell about songs details in seconds. It can find out lyrics, band info and where to buy the song etc.
Shazam can help you to build a huge music library based on Shazam tags alone.

10) Camera+

must have iphone apps

Camera+ is a app which delivers best. This is paid app but trsut me you’re getting an app that quite impressvie and have lot features you need for taking the best possible photo with your iPhone.You can edit photos in this app.Camera+ have one great feature which take care that when you are taking pictures camera will be still not shaky to prevent for blurred shots.

If you want to add any of the app is must have phone apps List.Please comment down.Share the post.


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