Most Popular Email Providers 2019

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Most Popular Email Providers 2019

Well, when we are talking about free email account there are lots of services which provide email services. From Topics’ title, you will get know that today topics are free most popular email providers 2019. The main purpose of this article is to highlight the best free most popular email providers to our readers.

So if you are thinking about to select a free email account you should have to keep some point in your mind. Like either this service provide any customization in their interface. What is the email storage? Any special cutting-edge features like chat, attachment file size, filters and import data etc.

Please keep in mind that under no circumstances disclose private info in your email address, like your living address or phone number. An email address should be name, word or phrase with numbers. But try to be something meaningful.

Without wasting time let’s go to the list of free most popular email providers 2019


Gmail Mail

gmail mail




Gmail released back in 2004 and has captured the market and become the front runner in free email services with 1.4 billion users across the world. It’s at the top of the list of free most popular email providers. Its free email service from Google. The interface is easy, nice and good looking.

Gmail mail is very secure and also attached with other Google services like Google drive, YouTube, Google calendar, contacts and many more. Gmail mail is very well at spam blocking as well. It provides different themes as well, Many cutting edge settings, filters, import email in from other email accounts, Chat and adds on you can add in Gmail mail.

Some additional prominent features in Gmail Mail:

  • Free 15GB of inbox storage for Gmail mail.
  • Undo an email by Undo feature. If you sent the email by mistake
  • Read email offline by using Gmail offline
  • Mobile App for IOS and Android
  • Vacation Responder to auto-reply when you are on vacation mode
  • Search email by using the advanced search option
  • Google calendar helps you to track events on your email.
  • Multiple keyboard shortcut to increase the speed of work and make it easy.

All Gmail email addresses end in

Below are some examples of Gmail mail addresses :


Gmail Mail Signup Account

Yahoo Mail

yahoo mail

Yahoo mail launched back in 1997. Yahoo has 225 million active users. Every new user of Yahoo mail offered with 1TB of free email storage. Well, the design of yahoo mail is almost the same as Gmail. In yahoo mail, you can also arrange your email is in desired folders. You have one more interesting feature in Yahoo mail is that you can switch between image embedded in an email attachment to normal file attachment and vice versa.

Yahoo mail is also very secure in sense of auto enabling spam filter. It has other quite good option to transfer your junk mails into the trash after identifies them. Mobile app users can unsubscribe newsletters from the app.

If you are signing up for some websites and don’t want to get spam emails to your primary email then use yahoo mail disposable emails address .you can create up to 500 disposable addresses.

Some additional prominent features in Yahoo Mail:

  • GIFs can be directly added.
  • Many marvellous themes are accessible that changes the whole foundation and shading plan of the site, which makes for an entirely one of a kind structure.
  • Built-in news reader and notepad.
  • Online calendar and an instant messaging service are also part of Yahoo Mail.
  • Yahoo Mail can be used through the Yahoo Mail mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Import contacts from file, outlook and Facebook. Easy transfer of contacts from other email providers to Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail email addresses are set up as

Yahoo Mail Signup Account

Outlook Mail

outlook mail

Outlook mail is a free email service from Microsoft. It has also a very powerful interface like Gmail mail and yahoo mail. It is the same as other email providers Like content is in the centre and the menus are on the right side. You can easily define rules for emails mean you can assign specified folders to incoming email so they can directly move to that folders.

Microsoft Outlook Mail offer that if you want to check the further option for the specific email you can just right click on it and see more options. OneDrive is also a Microsoft product. Outlook calendar can be shared with outlook mail also to sync events of the calendar into email

Outlook is very useful for Microsoft office 365 users.

Some additional prominent features in Outlook Mail:

  • Skype can be used via Outlook Mail account.
  • It’s closely related to Outlook Calendar so that events can be shared between the two.
  • Add-ins for Outlook are supported like DocuSign, Trello, Boomerang and many others.
  • Being part of Microsoft Office Online you can use free Microsoft services via outlook mail.
  • Outlook has an official app for Android and iOS.

Outlook Mail Signup Account

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ProtonMail is the email service that has the main point is encryption. That means no one can read your email expect your recipient. If you are the person who wants 100 privacy this is the mail service for you. Like other mail service asks for your Name, Address, phone etc. You can also send email to non ProtonMail user.
ProtonMail mails are secured. No IP logging emails are the end to end encryption. Like other email services scan your messages to attach any action with it like attach events etc.

Message encryption also has an expiry time. If you set the time after that time no can read that message and that message will vanish. Max time is 28 days but it’s up to you can choose less time also. who receive encrypted messages open the message via a link that asks for the password, if you give right password then it will be decrypted and displayed in the browser. It can be replied via that encrypted channel same message they decrypted, Even no need to have a ProtonMail service account.

Some additional prominent features in ProtonMail:

  • Encrypting email data to make it secure
  • You can send encrypted emails to anyone, doesn’t matter recipient use ProtonMail or not.
  • Email expiry option
  • ProtonMail have a mobile app on your Android or iOS phone.

Some disadvantages of ProtonMail:

    • Unable to remove email signature
    • Vacation replies are not supported
    • 150 messages can send each day
    • 500 MB mail storage limit

ProtonMail has a or can be email address option.

ProtonMail Signup Account

Zoho Mail

zoho mail

Zoho Mail is also a free email service. It is basically business concerned email service which has an online suite of business apps, Like document handling, office tools and many more. You can sign up with different email services and social sites. Like Facebook, Gmail, Office365 and many more.

The first thing which seems pretty nice it is its composing message style. Zoho Mail has complete business suite. Calendar , meetings , CRM , Survey , Notebooks , Docs and many more.

Streams are one of the features of Zoho Mail that help to create groups and work together in team and can share messages and attachments.

Some additional prominent features in Zoho Mail:

  • Zoho Mail provides Notes, Calenders, Contacts to manage each and everything in one place.
  • Zoho Mail includes all business tools. But you can also attach images from other services like Google Drive, OneDrive
  • Vacation mode is also available
  • Filters can be applied to emails
  • The custom domain can also be added
  • Keyboard shortcuts are also available
  • Android and IOS apps are available for Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail addresses end at

Zoho Mail Signup Account

AOL Mail

aol mail

AOL Mail is also one of the free email services. You can see AOL stories on if you want to see some new stories.

Like other email providers, AOL Mail also provides you with the many features one of them is you can filter your mail as per your defined by you.

In AOL Mail you can control spam filter sensitiveness if you want to. You can block mail if it contains any specific word. That is a really nice feature I think so.

Some additional prominent features in AOL Mail:

  • You can change the email background with background changer.
  • AOL Mail official apps can be downloaded from Android Store or IOS Store.
  • AOL Mail provides to-do list and can use them to make events from email.
  • You can import contacts in the csv, txt and ldif file formats.

An AOL email address will look like

AOL Mail Signup Account


These are the top most popular email providers 2019. Gmail is in the top till now due to it’s easy to use and friendly UI. Please Share your experience with these email providers and comment down below for your queries and comments.



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