Important Things Need to Done After Installing WordPress Blog

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important things to do after installing wordpress blog

Important Things Need to Done After Installing WordPress blog

In this Article we are covering the most important things need to done after installing WordPress blog on your have covered.

In previous article how to install WordPress on hosting.
This is also considered next part of that article.

Here is the link for Part 1.

How to install WordPress on bluehost 2019

Now Lets talk about Settings which you need to do after installation WordPress blog

1) Change Site Title

change title

First of you need to change your site title, tagline and time zone and all basic settings

You will get these options in Settings > General Settings

2) Setup Default Category


In WordPress each post is under any category however one category or can be in more then one category.

WordPress by default use “Uncategorized” as a default category. All your post will be under this category if you do not add any other category.

If you want to change this category or add more categories you need to go to Right menu

Posts > Categories option .You will manage categories form that page.

3) Delete By Default Pages, Comments and Posts

For this you have to go to Posts > All Posts  and delete defaults posts

And then For Comments you need to follow the page Comment Menu on right.

Lastly for Pages Use right menu “Pages” and select sub menu All Pages.You will see all pages there.

4) Security Settings

WordPress itself good enough in security.But as you know you have to follow some instruction to make more secure your WordPress site.

Like installing updates on time, keep strong passwords .don’t tell passwords to anyone.You can use some plugins for that also.

Sucuri is best option which helps in firewall plugin.

5) WordPress Comments and Discussion Setting Setup

For Comments and discussion setting you need to  go to Settings > Discussion.

This screen make you a bit confuse if you don not give proper attention to the options settings.Lets have a look on below screen to get idea of it.


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6) Delete Unused WordPress Themes

Well this is recommend to delete unused themes. Mostly people install themes for testing and leave them unused. Let delete them because these themes need updates and also these are talking storage.

Yes but this is recommend to use one default theme so in case you there is some issue with your current theme or any error.

Select Appearance from right menu and then click on Themes.

You can see all the themes which are installed on your hosting .you can Live preview them and Activate them .When you click on them it will show detail popup of that theme and in right bottom you can see delete option.

7) Setup WordPress Permalinks

Permalink are the most important part of any website pages. Default WordPress permalink is

Permalink must be search engine friendly. Long permalink or short does not matter but it should explain the topic of specific page.

Well to change permalink you need to go to right menu Setting option and then click on Permalinks.

You will see the options of how to show your URL .Post name must be in your URL .So select the option which is  highlighted in in below screen

8) Visible to Search Engines

There are many queries on google if you search:

“how to make my website visible on google”

“how do i get my website found on google”

So the mean is that this is also important part that your website will be visible to search engines.Well WordPress is smart enough that while installing the theme WordPress handle this very carefully.But to make it sure click on right menu go to settings and click on Reading.

Have a look on Option “Search Engine Visibility” and make sure “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” should be unchecked.

9) Create a sitemap.xml file

Well Sitemap.xml is a file which lists down total urls of your website. Google consume this file to get idea how your site is organized and what kind of information exists.It helps google to index your pages.

Install a plugin Google XML Sitemaps if you want to create sitemap.

10) WordPress Media Settings

If you want that WordPress do not create multiple sizes of images when u upload image then this is the option you need to see and apply to your WordPress blog.

Click on Right Menu Option Setting and click on Media.

You can also use any plugin if you want to compress images on upload time. Highly Recommend.



These are the Important Things Need to Done After Installing WordPress Blog.Please comment below your views on article.And if you think that these important things need to done after installing WordPress blog is helpful for you so please share this post in your circle .If you have any other query you can ask in comments.

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