Best Blogging Platforms and Blog Sites 2019

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Best Blogging Platforms and Blog Sites 2019

Blogging is a nice way to convey your message to other peoples. Now its depend upon blog type whether it is your personal blog, blog to help people by guiding them and maybe your product promotion or business promotion blog. If you are looking for some Nice and easy to use best blogging platforms.
Then take a deep breathe because you are in the right place. I will share some best blog platforms with your peoples which really help to boost your blogging skills in very less time.
There are many blog sites but there are some best blog platforms which you will discuss today. Some blogging platforms have their unique features.
In today article we will discuss the best blogging platforms. As a blogger, this is your choice which blog platforms cover your need in sense of design and features they are providing.
As a blogger, you have to understand the pro and cons of your selected blog platforms.

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Let’s have a look at best blogging platforms and blog sites 2019


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WordPress is of the most popular free blogging platforms. It is easy and free to create a blog on WordPress provides you with a lot of customization. On many web hosting, you can install WordPress with 1 click. WordPress does not charge anything to remove there logo expect other blogging sites. WordPress is commanding blogging tools including social bookmarking and RSS feed.


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Squarespace is a platform which provides a lot of customization. You can change a lot in your blog without knowing how to code. You can use your blog for business concerns also. One of the most drawbacks of Squarespace for bloggers is theme and plugin support is not good at it should be. But if you are some knowledge of coding then you can take advantage of these options on Squarespace.


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If you talk about easy then BlogSpot is the top on the list of blog sites. BlogSpot is a blog site for beginners. This is one good option in free blog sites. In BlogSpot, you just enter your title, content and photos and you are ready to publish your blog post. Google owns the BlogSpot. So you need a google account to run the blog on BlogSpot. This is the blogging platform which is used by mostly blogger in the start and moved to any other blogging platform as an upgrade because BlogSpot does not have any upgrades.


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Wix is one in the list of best blog sites. This platform is used to build websites and also can be used to create a blog. The core feature of Wix is that the websites and blogs which are created in Wix are responsive. Which mean any device which can display web pages can display your page or blog without any issue. Wix has good enough support for its users.


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Tumblr is a part of the best free blogging platforms. It provides easy to use interface for users. The Key feature of Tumblr is it has a lot of bloggers community.
Tumblr focuses on photos and GIFs content but not focus on text content.
The blogger who writes content do not like Tumblr too much but in case of Graphics bloggers, they like it a lot.


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If you are a fanboy of open source then you can have a look on Ghost. Ghost is one of open source best blog site. It offers nice and easy user interface which increase its beauty. You can have a look at live preview while writing your blog post. Which actually attracts me a lot. Ghost is used by beginner and as well as expert’s bloggers. Because it provides a nice interface.



Joomla is one of the best content management system. It offers easy to use user interface. Joomla offers nice skills and features than other blog sites. If you are thinking for any large content options then Joomla is for you. Many large scale companies and business use Joomla. If your blog has any business then this is a good option for you.


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If we talk about Medium. This can be considered in the list of best blog sites. Medium is a nice place to share content with a huge audience. Anyone can sign up the medium because it is free. After signup you can publish your posts Users can comment on our post. You can add content from other sites as well. Like YouTube, twitter etc. Medium offer the reader to see how many views of this post had done. You can post any size of limits of page counts.
The best blogging platform to make money for beginners also.


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Weebly is also considered one of the lists of best blog sites. It is nice for those who want to run their business website and blog on it. Weebly offers easy to use and nice user interface. It has also drag and drop post builder as other blogging platforms. No need to have expert coding skills to use this blog site. Weebly makes hard for those who want to change some changes in the blog.


These are a list of best blogging platform to make money. Please share it within your circle.

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