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This post is all about the best streaming service. If you remember before these streaming services, you need to watch any of your favourite movie or TV show you need to buy a DVD or tune in live TV channels. Which are hectic and expensive also. If we talk about the best streaming service then without any doubt it is Netflix. It offers a huge collection of TV shows, movies and other TV programs. Although It is a little expensive than other streaming services. If you want some cheaper option then you have Hulu which is somehow less expensive then Netflix, but you have to compromise with commercials. In this post we will also discuss about best streaming apps.

Please have a look at Best Streaming Service/Best Streaming Apps list:


best streaming apps

Netflix is one of the best streaming services. It has really good content all the time. Its growing library is the proof of their effort to make Netflix better with time. Netflix have very impressive collection includes Black Mirror, Altered Carbon, The Crown, Lost in Space, Orange is the New Black and many more.
Netflix also offer high quality movies compare to any other streaming services. Netflix increased their prices and new price plan start from $8.99. Netflix also support offline videos as well. Its apps is also one of the best streaming apps.


best streaming service

Hulu comes after Netflix. It is one of the best all in one solution in streaming services. Moreover toward quality of original programming, a nice collection of classic shows, and a decent variety of anime series and movies. Hulu is now offering live TV option. Hulu start trail of HD and 4K quality video also. Right now no option to download videos to watch later. Hulu mostly make available some content instantaneously after airing on TV.
Hulu plan start from $7.99 per month but it have ads. If you want ad free plan then it is $11.99 per month. Hulu live TV plan starts from $39.99 per month. App for Hulu is also avabile on stores which is part of free streaming apps list.

PlayStation Vue:

best streaming services

If you are PlayStation fan then Sony PlayStation Vue live streaming service is for you. It is good alternate of Cable Company. Its plans start form $44.99 per month for live TV which have almost more than 45 channels. If you want to add sports, premium package and movie price will be increase and can be from $49.99 to 79.99 per month.
PlayStation Vue become national last year before that it was available in some markets. Before signup check location because channel may varies depend upon your location. There are no local channel on some places but you can use on demand channel on its place.


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Amazon Video:

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If we talk about Amazon then we have two options to access amazon video content.

  • Amazon Video Subscription
  • Amazon Prime Subscription

Amazon Video Subscription cost $8.99 per month and user can only access amazon streaming library while User of Amazon Prime have prime video content and other shipping and shopping bonuses having cost of $12.99 per month. But if you pay per year then you have discount and you need to pay $119 per year.
In previous years, Amazon has improved their range of original shows, such as Bosch, Catastrophe, Electric Dreams, Homecoming, The Man in the High Castle and many more.
If you are the user of Prime Video then you have also edge of top shows from other networks, like HBO, without additional cost.

HBO Now:

best streaming service

HBO Now offers an extraordinary collection of new on-air original content, like Game of Thrones and Westworld. If we talk about HBO Now then there are some other old serious as The Wire, The Sopranos,  Six Feet Under, Deadwood, Girls many more.
If you are the user of HBO Now then it offer you on-demand streaming services which have ton of popular movies with different genres. HBO Now works with another streaming service to increase their content library and to offer live TV service.
HBO do not have 4K or HDR content rill now but still there price is more than other streaming services. Also not offering offline content to its subscriber. HBO Now apps is one of the free streaming apps.

Sling TV:

best streaming service

Sling TV is possibly as near to the traditional TV experience as you can get online. It cost you $25 per month, Sling TV provide live access to channels like The Food Network, CNN, AMC, TBS,  TNT, and more.
As you add more services, though, Sling TV can add up. There’s the basic Sling Orange plan with support for one stream at $25 per month, Sling Blue with support for three simultaneous streams for $25, or both with support for four simultaneous streams at $40.
If you add more services you can add up in Sling TV. There are two plans in Sling TV

  • Sling Orange
  • Sling Blue

Sling Orange cost you $25 per month which will support for one stream.Sling blue with three simultaneous streams cost you $25, you can get both in $40 with four simultaneous streams.
There are some channels which are not avabile in blue and some in orange. So you need both to get more channels.


We have shared list of best streaming services. These services have apps also which are free streaming apps. Please let us know about your best streaming service. Have a look on this and share it.

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