9 Best Squarespace Templates of 2019 – Top Selection

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best squarespace templates

Best Squarespace Templates of 2019

In today time you can consider Squarespace the most popular cloud-based website builder. This will be not wrong for Squarespace if we say that its main features which make it popular is its pool of professionally designed website templates.This post help you to find best Squarespace templates which are most suitable for creating any type of a website to promote your brand and business on a budget.
Best Squarespace templates list have some elegant Squarespace templates which have very nice designs. And not only that they perform their duty very well with lot of beneficial features. That is the main concern of any businesses they select Squarespace. Because it provide a complete all-in-one website building experience to users.

Have a look on few of the main Squarespace features include:

  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Free hosting and SSL
  • eCommerce solutions for online stores or business
  • Integration with email marketing services
  • SEO optimized Website designs
  • Built-in analytics and reports


List of best Squarespace templates are listed below:

Galapagos – eCommerce Squarespace Template

best squarespace templates

Galapagos is a nice eCommerce website template you can use to start an online store with Squarespace. The template provide you minimal design which have grid-based layout for showcasing your products commendably on the homepage. It also cares about quick view, integration with the powerful Squarespace shopping cart system, and protected payment processing.


Brine – eCommerce Squarespace Template

squarespace brine template

Brine is a good ecommerce Squarespace template you can use to start an online store with Squarespace. It has parallax scrolling, grid-based layout for showcasing your products admirably on the homepage. Brine also cares about your social media buttons once you add in settings. Integration with the dominant Squarespace shopping cart system, and protected payment processing.


Pacific – Restaurant Squarespace Template

best squarespace templates

Pacific is the flawless template for you if you are creating a website for a restaurant, hotel, or a cafe using Squarespace. Its design propose many valuable features for creating an actual website., having a section to detail menus, Fullscreen image slider, CTA fragments for making reservations, and much more.


Avenue – Portfolio Squarespace Template

best squarespace templates

Avenue is an uncluttered portfolio website template for Squarespace. If you want to show portfolio then, this template is perfect match for you. This template help you to setup up a simple website to showcase your work online. The template shows a grid-based layout which include different portfolio items on the homepage. The single portfolio item pages can be used for more detail.


Impact – Education Squarespace Template

best squarespace templates

If you are looking for website template which can be used to make educational websites like schools, colleges, online learning programs universities. Impact is a modern website template made for you. It have nice user interface and eye catchy design which can attract to user. It design give you option to design sections for describing programs, mission, team, and more.


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Heights – Fitness Squarespace Template

best squarespace templates

Heights is a fitness and gym Squarespace website template. This theme provide you a fresh and a simple design you can use to promote your gym or fitness. This template have really nice and easy understandable user interface that any user can easily use this website. It have also gym membership and has separate sections for promoting private sessions, classes, and for showcasing trainer profiles. You can consider it definite use template.


Foster Juice Co – Business Squarespace Template

best squarespace templates

If you are planning to open a business related to food or beverages then consider Fost Juice Co.
The beauty of this template is its design which can easily customized to make other types of websites as well. This template have very clean layout where user can easily showcase its products and can even sell them online using the integrated Squarespace eCommerce features and the shopping cart.


Hayden – Agency Squarespace Template

best squarespace templates

Hayden is a simple and nice Squarespace template. If you are looking for a professional website for a software industry, Design Company, Architecture Company, real estate business, and more. It comes with an elegant design and have huge sections for emphasizing on user‘s services, clients, portfolio, and case studies. It also provide feature like scheduling system for booking appointments.


Ready – Freelancer Squarespace Template

best squarespace templates

If you are a person who work as freelancer or want to provide your services as freelancer then Ready is for you. It is elegant template designed for creating websites for professionals who want to provide services such as software engineer, coaching, consulting, and freelancing. This template is nice looking and its design attracts clients. It also have CTA (call to action) button which provide people to schedule an appointment with the owner of website, which is very easy to setup using the Squarespace’s built-in scheduling system.


We have discussed about best Squarespace templates today. If you think this list helps you and you want to add any other template in it then comment down.
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