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On-Page SEO Techniques of 2019

The latest On-Page SEO techniques are changing with every passing day with google trends. Therefore, you need to stay up to date with SEO techniques. Its main purpose is to be apparent to the audience and to see the peak performance of your website. The startup website owners take time to realize the importance of SEO techniques. But with time they learn about the best ways of boosting their site.

Hence, SEO consists of two techniques to improve website position in search engine.

First is:

Second is:

The most important and vital ones are On-Page SEO Techniques.


The On-Page SEO checklist 2019 include all the internal elements of a website which are optimized to make your website, search engine friendly and comes in the google trends. Every blogger wishes to form a site which is well optimized and approachable. But for that, you need to go through the latest On-page SEO techniques of 2019.

We have compiled an On-Page SEO checklist for you!

  1. Keyword Density
  2. Meta Tags
  3. Images
  4. Heading Tags
  5. Internal Linking
  6. External Linking
  7. Word Count Per Cost

Keyword Density

Keyword Density has a direct impact on the site content’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and on the costs of your online marketing campaigns. So it’s important to know about it in detail. The formula is very simple:

on page seo

The keyword density is emphasized by all the SEO websites and software. It basically refers to the number of times a keyword is found within a piece of content.

Though there is no hard and fast rule for keywords ranking, but analyzing what actions google performs for the ranking. We cannot ignore the significance of keyword density

Meta Tags

Little content descriptors that help tell search engines what a web page is about. Meta tags are the meta descriptions that are added as a comprised detail about your blog/article/page. This little piece of description is searched by Google search engines.

on page seo techniques

Though some search engines claim that meta descriptions are not that important but they always attract the viewer to know what the blog holds inside it.

Meta tags should consist of the keywords again. Because the search engines search rely on those keywords. They should be user-friendly too. Short and attractive is the key!


Imagine visiting a page and not finding any image! What a boring sight will that be. The use of images on any website/blog is a very important key to making it look more lively, interesting and competitive at the same time.

on page seo checklist

However, another point to be noted is that the use of images is just not enough. Images can also be optimized to more directly help with SEO as well. While the common audience views an image just for the sake of image, the search engine crawlers see the description behind the image! That means that the ALT Tags, image URL, customized file names, and other details about the image are also important.

Above all, the site owner should not forget to work on the optimization of the image as well. Another secret is to use relevant and high-quality images for better points!

Heading Tags

Heading tags are HTML tags used to figure out the headings and subheadings within your content from other types of text (e.g., different paragraphs).

on page seo checklist

Their hierarchy starts from H1 and ends till H6. This hierarchy is based on the level of “importance.” H1 is the main heading of a page (visible to users unlike meta title). It is the most important title which shows what the page is about. H2-H6 are optional tags to organize the content in a way that’s easy to navigate. Moreover, the wrong usage of H1 may keep a site from major rankings and traffic improvements.

Internal Links

Internal links are very vital for SEO. Do not think of ignoring them. Many bloggers/ website owners forget to add internal links to their site. It eventually becomes a drawback for their website.

on page seo checklist

Interestingly, internal linking is one of the SEO factors that are 100% under your control. But the magic key is to use quality internal links. More quantity and less quality may ruin your site.

Therefore, internal links can be absolute or relative. But the use of related internal links will bring more organic traffic to your site. Right internal links can even make your site, search engine friendly too. A strong internal linking structure will be your ticket to the top of the search results!

External Links

External Links are hyperlinks that target any domain other than the domain where the link exists.

To make it sound a bit easier if another website links to you. This is considered an external link to your site.  The top SEO’s strongly believe that having external links is the most important source of ranking power.

Various search engine result surveys conducted concluded that the right use of external links was the single most objective for attaining high rankings. But there are some other points to be kept in mind while entering external links to your site.

  • The trustworthiness of the linking domain.
  • The relevancy of the content is the real fact for external linking.
  • The popularity of the linking page needs to be noted.
  • The ownership relationship between the source and target domains.

Word count per cost

Have you ever thought of how many words should your blog contain, in order to keep the audience engaged? The content of your website is the foundation for every SEO strategy.  It is, essentially, the fuel that drives the car.  So, how much fuel, or content, do you need to put to impact your search rankings?

The amount of content you write for SEO depends on the topic about which you are writing the content. There may be some topics that require a lot of detail. On another hand, there may be some topics that do not need many elaborations.

So despite the topic of the content, we suggest you a minimum 700-1000 words for the content articles and blogs. This limit of words keeps the audience engaged to the site for a longer period and do not allow them to be bored by the amount of content.


We hope these On-page SEO checklist help you grow your website rankings. This is the complete manual for a search engine friendly website. But remember, these are of no use until you comply on them. Enjoy a more optimized site now!


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